Short Bio

I completed a 3-year BS-CS (Bachelor of Science - Computer Science) at the university of Southampton in 2008. During this program, I completed two summer-internships as a software developer. 

Then, I resumed to carry on studying by participating in an 1-year MSc Software Engineering at Southampton University. During this study, I was inspired by the term of multi-agent systems after a few discussion with my friends (who were in this area). So, I got into this agent-field by choosing this area as my dissertation topic. Specifically, my work was on RoboCup Rescue domain, (where I need to design the intelligent algorithms that can act fast and save as much civillians as possible), under the supervision of Prof. Nicholas Jennings and Dr. Sarvapali Ramchurn (Gopal). I enjoyed the short time working in this area as well as working with my supervisors, and I was interested in exploiting this area further. 

I then worked 1 year for BPP-TECH as a software engineer. I involved in many internal projects, including web development (Joomla, PhP), financial-based software development (VBA), SQL Server Reporting Services,... 

In 2010, I was back Southampton University to start my PhD in the AIC group (formerly IAM) after receiving a full-funded PhD studentship from Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton. My supervisors are Dr. Sarvapali D. Ramchurn, and Dr. Enrico Costanza
I finished my PhD in May 2014 and become a research fellow afterwards. 

My main expertises are applying machine learning techniques to solve any real-world problems. My favourite domain are smart grid, home energy management.